Grapevine Security: Security company in NSW everything you need to know

How to choose a security company

Choosing a security company to work with can be a difficult a costly decision. However, being able to identify the service that you are looking for and which security guard companies are a match requires due diligence.
Don’t rush this decision take your time before you commit to hiring a security company. Here are some things to consider

What type of experience does the security company offer their customers ?

Many security guards prefer not to be interacting with the public. They have chosen security because they prefer tasks and not interacting with customers. So although the company you hire will probably have security as their top priority, are their guards customer service orientated as well?

Does the security company offer the type of services you need ?

The security company you hire should be able to provide the type of service you need. Security companies tend to specialise; crowd control, static, patrols, monitoring etc. You should have a clear idea don’t hesitate to contact a company because they do not fit all your requirements, if you develop a good relationships they usually will have people which they partner with

Are the security company and security guards licensed And insured??

Although this may seem obvious, it is still a good idea to request and check this information. When you hire a security guard the company should have all the necessary paperwork, valid licenses, and insurance policies to verify they are fully covered. This includes accident and liability coverage”

The NSW government offers free online operator checks for security company and security guard licenses

Security company licensing can be complicated, if you are not sure there is also public information available at:

Security companies should be helpful with your initial request ?

One It sounds simple but how was the company at managing your request ? Did they answer all your questions ? Was it easy to get through to the right person ? Just because it’s security the business should still be helpful and polite to deal with. If they are hesitant or seem annoyed with your questioning, you know they are not the company to hire.

Hiring a security company Is just like any other business dealing

Take your time, the best security company to help you mitigate risk and get back to business is not far away. You need to have a reputable and reliable security company working for you. If you are in need of professional security service, contact us at Premium Security Guards inc today for more information about the service we can provide you and your business.

Standard Operating Procedures

The standard operating procedures that the security company provide are the agreement reached between the client and the company of what is expected.

  • Uniforms
  • Break allowances
  • Incident report
  • Dispute resolution protocol
  • Job requirements
  • disciplinary outcomes for failure to comply with the standard operating procedures


Most security uniforms involve a standard black outfit with a unique shirt that specifies which security company is performing the duties. A security guard must wear their security licence in such a way that it is visible at all times.

NSW security licence

Break allowances

By any employee that has a shift which goes for more than 4 hours is entitled to an unpaid meal break of 30 minutes.

The outline for all worker allowance:

Incident reporting

  1. Helpful? Obtain the proper forms from your institution. …
  2. Start the report as soon as possible. Write it the same day as the incident if possible. …
  3. Provide the basic facts. Your form may have blanks for you to fill out with information about the incident. …
  4. Include a line about the general nature of the incident.

All licences premises must have an incident register on site with a record of all patrons that have been ejected from the premises.

Dispute resolution protocol

The use of force continuum is a standard practice for the escalation of force in a security or protection situation. The reality is very complicated but the action must be deemed necessary to prevent further violence.

An internal dispute protocol must be outlined as well.

Security requirements

The outline of the job requirements including a site map and a list of ammenities should be made available. A list of all locks and keys, alarms and codes as well as the clients expectations for safety and security.

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